5 Scenarios for Which Clean Shoes Matter

Galoshes, or waterproof shoe covers if you prefer, used to be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. A man wouldn’t be caught dead risking his dress shoes in foul weather. If it was raining or snowing, on went the shoe covers. That is not always the case now. Today, we are more likely to tolerate wet, dirty shoes.

Salt Lake City-based GC Tech says every man with at least one set of dress shoes needs a pair of galoshes to go with them. This post explains why, by way of five scenarios for which clean shoes really do matter.

1. Standing at the Altar on Your Wedding Day

Not every wedding takes place under blue skies and sunshine. Rain and snow have dampened more than one wedding ceremony over the years. But here’s the thing: men don’t generally wait until they get to the church to put on their suits. They get dressed at home. As the groom, what do you do if it is pouring rain when you are ready to leave the house?

The last thing you need is to show up at the altar with dirty shoes. There would be no worries if you kept a pair of galoshes in the closet. Put them on. End of story. And by the way, don’t show up for your daughter’s wedding with dirty shoes either.

2. Meeting Her Parents for the First Time

Okay, so maybe you’re not ready for marriage. Perhaps you haven’t even met her parents yet. But when that day comes, make sure your shoes are clean. Her parents are going to inspect every inch of your physical appearance when they finally make your acquaintance. You can bet they don’t want their daughter dating a slob. If it takes a pair of waterproof shoe covers to make them happy, do it.

3. Arriving for a Job Interview

People still attend in-person job interviews even in the digital age. Showing up for an interview wearing dirty shoes is no good. It could be that no one else notices it, but you can bet the interviewer will. They will look you over from head to toe. Your dirty shoes will stick out like a sore thumb.

Imagine your interview is followed by another with a candidate who is impeccably dressed. Not only are they wearing a crisp, freshly pressed suit and tie, their shoes shine as brightly as they did the first day they wore them. Which of you will make the better impression?

4. Arriving for a Court Hearing

Arriving for a court hearing with dirty shoes isn’t a good idea, whether you are an attorney or the one being represented. Remember that judges sit higher up. They can look over that bench and see your shoes clearly. It’s not worth the risk of giving a bad first impression by showing up with shoes covered with water spots and salt stains.

5. Attending Your Own Funeral

You may have a favorite pair of shoes your family intends to send with you when you die. It won’t look good if you show up for your own funeral in shoes covered with years of scuffs and stains. Save your family members from the painful task of cleaning them for you. Keep them clean between now and then and they will most certainly appreciate the effort.

Keeping dress shoes clean isn’t as hard as it sounds. A pair of waterproof shoe covers protects them against the elements as well as dirt and debris. A quick wipe down and an occasional polish takes care of any dirt that might be picked up indoors.