5 Tips To Follow Before Buying An Air Conditioner

Before buying an air conditioner, think about a couple of things first. Starting from selecting the right brand to considering the budget, you have to also think of the room size, overhead roof etc. A few renowned brands such as climatiseurs GNR are there with two individual divisions under one big enterprise assuring residential and commercial as well as industrial air conditioning services.

If for the first time, you’re about to buy an AC, then do follow the given pointers beneath before reaching out to the sales representative—

Brand of Air conditioner

Wisely select the best brand of air conditioners instead of blindly trusting the sales rep. Nowadays, Carrier, Voltas, Hitachi and a few other manufacturers are assuring users with copper condensers for better cooling and purification of air supply. The mentioned brands also ensure moisture-balanced air that’s why water particles are found in the cooling system while the other only deliver dry air causing to dehydration of skin and body.

Maintenance Cost

Before purchasing the air conditioner, make sure you have done ample research on the maintenance. The annual professional maintenance is mandatory but if you have to call them once in every 2-3 months for fixing the machine, it’ll surely be a recurring increased cost.

Installation Services & Fee

Ask the sales rep whether the installation is chargeable of free. Usually, buyers have to pay for the additional water pipe after 3-4 feet that are given by the company for free. Many AC manufacturers provide the bracket for free while some of them charge for the bracket for installing the outdoor device. Talk to them and make sure the sales rep is keeping transparency with you thoroughly.

Extended warranty

Usually, the warranty guaranteed by the companies is for a year. Companies like Carrier are now selling extended warranty of 2-3 years against a price package that many consider to be cost-effective especially when they have to replace an expensive part from the AC such as the compressor. You can decide it accordingly.


Now, it’s time to compare the retailer’s prices and find the one assuring a discounted price. Honestly, nowadays, e-commerce business has been thrived for offering great discounted price along with the ease of shopping any HVAC device from the comfort of your home. Then you can consider buying the AC online from your chosen ecommerce company assuring the installation soon after the delivery. Use the EMI options or credits card payments and even COD by choosing this buying option.