9 Tips to Follow When Choosing and Buying the Right Medical Marijuana for Yourself

Before you buy yourself medical marijuana, you need to get a card. Here is how you do the same.

  1. Visit your primary care physician and get a prescription that can be treated by medical marijuana.

Many prescriptions are handed by medical marijuana who aren’t concerned about how you will use the prescription. This is why you need to follow the rules.

  1. Jot down your doctor’s contact information and the condition you were diagnosed with.

Then, find yourself a medical marijuana doctor.

  1. Once you have found the doctor, schedule a visit and fill out a few forms.

You will need to give the information of your diagnosing doctor for the marijuana prescription doctor’s records.

  1. Answer a few questions.

The doctor will call you in, will go through your forms, ask you about your condition and then give you a stamp of approval.

  1. Get your card.

Then you are asked to go back to the waiting room to get your prescription and they give you your card.

Now, that you have the card, it is time to visit the Best Dispensary Near Me and get yourself some medical marijuana. This is how you do it.

  1. Once you found the dispensary, do the due diligence

Research on specific products and choose what method you prefer.

  1. Visit the dispensary and tell them you are a new patient

They will ask for your state ID or driver’s license, your prescription, and card. The card is not mandatory but you can use it with your ID later on for giving them a copy of both. No matter where you buy the prescription, always keep the card with you.

  1. Fill the form

You will be asked to fill a form with a lot of information and explain what brings you to this very cult. This is because you cannot simply buy marijuana from the one who produces it. This indicates that you are just enjoying the free product. Many dispensaries will inquire how you can help the collective, so keep a skill ready. It can range from web design to fertilizer research.

  1. Bring some cash

You cannot pay for marijuana with credit/debit cards. This is because these are mainly donations. So rather than buying it, you are donating money and getting marijuana as a gift.