A Guide To Dabbing And Buying Dab Rigs In Phoenix!

If you live in Arizona, you can buy cannabis for medical purchases using a marijuana card. There are, of course, various forms of using cannabis, but seasoned users often prefer waxes and concentrates. Dabbing is a common way to use concentrates. So, what exactly is dabbing? How should you buy dab rigs in Phoenix? In this post, we are sharing some of the relevant aspects that are worth knowing.

The basics of dabs

Cannabis compounds, especially CBD and THC, are often extracted using a solvent like butane. What you get are sticky oils, called wax or shatter. These are concentrates, because the cannabinoids are in a concentrated form. The wax is usually heated on a hot surface and smoked using what is called dag rig. Dabbing has been popular for a decade now, more so because concentrates have evolved, and there is more variety now than ever before. The effects of dabbing are more intense, especially when compared to smoking. Medical marijuana users who want to experience the best effects for relief from conditions like pain, headache, and inflammation can gain from dabbing.

Buying dab rigs in Phoenix

In simple words, dab rig is the tool used for dabbing. It is not every different from what is called the bong, and the dab rig is typically made of glass. The nail, on which the concentrate is heated, is made of glass of titanium. Some dab rigs also include what is called the recycler that helps in cooling and further filtering the water using vapor. Phoenix has some really good stores that sell dab rigs, and we recommend that you buy the first one personally, as opposed to checking online. The best dab rigs are made within the state, and some stores have experienced sales people, who can guide on the kind of dab rig you should buy. There are also small portable ones that are easy to carry around, while retro and vintage designs are as popular.

Final word

If this is your first experience with dabbing, you need to ensure that you have the right concentrate and a good dab rig. Don’t shy away from paying more for a better dab rig, and the concentrate should mention all the cannabinoids present. With dabbing, you can experience the flavors, aroma and effects of concentrates in the rawest and purest form. Find a store for dab rigs near you in Phoenix now!