Buying Winter Tires to Drive Safely on the Snow or Ice

Winter tires are designed to help your car beat the challenges on the road associated with the cold months such as ice, snow and the extreme cold.  While some people prefer to use all-season tires, there are many reasons to opt for winter tires. Although your vehicle will still drive around with all-season tires, you will get a much better experience with these tires.

The Right Tires to Purchase

The manufacturer of your vehicle will recommend certain tires for your specific make and model. Typically, you can only find online stores that offer a selection of tires that help you pick the exact size you need. But, before you buy any set of tires, think about the kind of driving you do and the how serious winter can get in your area. If you are not sure, try to get some recommendations from a tire shop’s staff.

Tires for the winter can be ice radials and snow treads. Ice radials tend to have a smooth profile while snow tires have a big block tread pattern that has deep grooves so that ice and snow don’t jam in the tread. If you frequently drive in highways, opt for ice radials since they have less effect on fuel consumptions. But, if you drive in thick layers of snow, go for snow treads.

Smart Tire Shopping

Purchasing a wheel package composed of tires and wheels is usually a great idea and the majority of shops are willing to mount and balance your new tires on the wheels as long as you buy everything at once. Buying a set of winter wheels makes the bi-annual changeover easier because there is no need to remove and re-mount the tires on the set of wheels. Also, fully painted wheels are best perfect option for the cold months since paint protects against corrosion and can be touched up easily when it begins to wear away.

Cost-Effectiveness of Tires Designed for the Winter

Although the initial investment for a winter tire can be high, you only have to pay to have the wheels swapped two times every year. Also, as your tire wear is spread across two sets, you will stretch their life considerably. Think about the fact that these tires can lower your insurance rates. In the end, the overall expense is much lower than you may have expected. Plus, as these tires are installed on your car, you will be able to drive during the winter more effectively and safely.