Compare All Mattresses Before Buying the Best for your Sleeping Position

Irregular sleep, back and neck pain are vital signs of replacement of old worn out mattress. There are families who don’t prefer discarding their old mattress therefore they move their old ones to guest room. However, what we are concerned about are your family members who are either kids or senior citizens. One group is at a growing age while the other has weak and tender bones due to old age. You need to look after their health in the best way and providing them uneven and sagging mattress is bad for their spine, joints and bones.

Hence, whenever you feel is the time to purchase a new mattress, you should always search online for various kinds of mattresses that can be beneficial in different ways. Although there are many stores that can help you in many ways. Even if you search online, various shopping sites have vast range of brands available at suitable price.

With the latest technology and advanced features, you can also customize your bed with different features added to your mattress. Some people are lazy so they prefer everything near their bed, keeping in mind such consumers there are also beds that can control lights, charge gadgets and control body temperature depending upon the room temperature.

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Here are different kinds of mattresses available in market –

  • Memory foam that was introduced by NASA in 1970 for passenger and pilot seats, are now being used in mattresses to provide relief from pain in joints and early morning stiffness.
  • Innerspring mattress has been used for longer period of time where there are coils inside the mattress which is covered with foam all over to prevent any kind of pain that can cause due to springs.
  • The combination of memory foam and innerspring results to hybrid mattress. With firmness in foam you also get coils where air circulates keeping your body temperature cooler while staying long on bed.
  • Latex mattress is environmentally friendly because it is made from plants or petroleum. This mattress doesn’t put pressure on shoulders and hips which provides a restful night to sleeper.

  • Air mattress is best used during any trip or camping where you can pump in air with machine and the padding gives you soft bed to lie on.
  • Waterbed where water chamber is inside a wooden chamber protected so that it doesn’t burst due to pressure. This is an old-fashioned mattress still some houses have kept it for charm.
  • Futon mattress is also used as a sofa and bed. This way, small apartment can solve both purposes.

All these mattresses have their own benefit, but what majorly matters is the kind of sleeping position you have. For example, if you prefer sleeping on your back, then you need a firm yet soft mattress, if you sleep sideways, then you can’t sleep on soft mattress otherwise, you might roll to the centre. Depending upon various other factors like warranty and after sales service and cleanliness your decision should matter.