Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Pasta Maker

Nothing beats the taste and freshness of pasta that you make in your own home. A pasta machine can be your be your best friend to offer your family high-quality pasta whenever they crave it. The market is filled with a range of various pasta makers. Thus, you need a proper guide to buy the right machine for your needs, especially if you want one to produce dry pasta. Consider the following to make the right purchase:

Machine Assembly and Setup

For any appliance installation, you will need to refer to the user’s manual. The manual will help you assemble and set up the machine properly. Aside from checking the manual, ensure the pasta maker runs in a stable condition. You are likely to clamp the machine to your countertop. A lot of pasta machines are available with the installation of a rolling attachment. Although the machine does not take up so much space, ensure you have the space it requires. You need to have a space to feed the pasta dough in on one side and out the other.

Ease of Use

You want to use a pasta machine that you can easily and comfortably use. Consider getting a machine with two sets of handles to easily operate it when making pasta. This lets you feed the dough from one side and pull the pasta from the other. Moreover, a good pasta maker should have a handle that is easy and smooth to move. This handle must not come out when you use it. This ensures the safety of your cooking process.

When you make pasta, you will have to adjust the thickness accurately. Mastering the thickness is imperative to come up with delicious pasta. In order to make thicker and thinner pasta, most machines have a dial option.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Find a pasta machine with a simple design and one that you can easily clean. A number of these machines are likely to have the quality in their build but have a complicated design which makes cleaning difficult.  Pick a machine with an easy removing facility.


Some pasta machines have different attachments meant for cutting the dough into various kinds of pasta. Think about the possibility of changing the different attachments to process various types of pasta. Some machines are versatile enough to remove the roller attachment to ensure accurate varicosity and taste.


You will want to get a pasta machine that you can use for the years to come. A durable and quality machine will guarantee a hassle-free pasta making.