Get The Ideal Tanned Look With A Mobile Spray Tan Machine!

Like many others, you probably want that nice tan that almost feels like the mark of an extended beach vacation. Of course, most people don’t have the time and option to get a natural tan, and that’s exactly where a spray tan machine comes in handy. Contrary to what you may think, spray tan machines are insanely cheap and easy to use, and most of these work in a similar way. A spray tan machine usually includes a spraying gun with a hose and a compressor. Depending on the brand, you can also expect a bunch of additional features. Before you look for the best mobile spray tan machine, here’s what you need to know.

Should you buy a spray tan machine in the first place?

Users often agree that spray tan machine gives the right boost their confidence, because they the bronzed look that they always wanted. If you have got an uneven tan or want to just smooth out the skin tone, this is the best choice by all means and works wonders on all types of natural skin tone. It is also the easiest cosmetic way to disguise dark spots and blemishes, and not to forget, it saves time. You can get the tanned look in just minutes at the maximum, so there’s no need to laze by the beach for hours or visit a tanning salon. Preparing your skin and using the spray tan machine is the easiest thing for sure.

Selecting an option

Before you select a spray tan machine and a spray tan solution, consider checking all the options. As far as the tan solution is concerned, the shade, skin type and product do make a difference. For the uninitiated, these solutions contain what’s known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is made from sugarcane. DHA interacts with the skin to produce what’s called the ‘bronzed’ effect. The solution takes a bit to dry, considering the DHA content in it. A thin layer of the solution with the help of a spraying gun is the best option, because the coat will then not be easy to scratch or rub.

In case of tanning solutions, it is also important to choose between organic and regular options, the former being one of the best choices. With organic spray tan solutions, there are no additional skin concerns. With the right spray tan machine and solution, you can expect the tan to last for about three weeks or even more.