Get the Right Size of Corrugated Boxes to Package your Product

A customer is first attracted to a product by its packaging style. If the packaging is of cheap quality, it leaves a negative impact on a consumer about the product. Hence, your priority should be packaging style, and material to be used. Generally, people use cardboard boxes for packaging. However, cardboard boxes cannot be used to ship heavy duty products. It can carry easy and light products like cereal boxes.

Thus, the only strong container that is good for shipping is corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are utilized for high level products. For example, when you buy a laptop through online shopping, they deliver it in a strong corrugated box which is thick and packed well from all sides. It is customized especially to give proper space to laptop and other accessories.

Corrugated boards have two components –

  • The liner which is a flat material used on the inside and outside board’s surface.
  • The medium which is seen between the liners in a wave pattern that gives strength to two boards and help them stick together.

Once these boards are prepared, they are sent to the manufacturing company that prepares custom shipping boxes of different shapes and style, configuration and pattern as per the requirement of any company. Since you now know that corrugated boxes can be customized, you should also know different types of boxes available –

  • The most common style is the Regular Slotted Container that is similar to any ordinary type of box that you can imagine. All the flaps in this box are of the same size and shape, only the top flap is cut in two parts so that they join at the center when you close it.
  • FOL or Full Overlap Container is similar to RSC, but the flaps overlap each other instead of meeting at the center. They are used for delicate products that need more protection, because the top and base of the box has extra thickness.
  • One Piece Folder is good for packing books or any printed material because one sheet of board is creased and then pleated into a box.
  • Full Telescope Design is just like a tube where two flaps are folded in telescope out of which, one is bigger than the other so that they fit on each other easily.

When you have proper knowledge about corrugated boxes, you can design a packaging box for your product. It is easy to make RSC, but it may be wrong for your style of product.