Great Sliming Ideas for Your Kids: Bringing slimy online gaming characters to 3D life

Sourcing your slime product carefully, from an online vendor with plenty of choice, gives you even greater opportunity to inject sliming fun into kids’ lives. Have you thought about the fun that custom slime can add to a kid’s day? If your child is an avid online gaming fan, imagine the joy it can bring to their faces if they see a well-known and easily recognizable character. Well, with the right type of slime, sourced from the right supplier, you can make that happen!

Gaming-based Sliming Fun

As kids spend more time online, it’s a cause for concern for healthcare professionals and child psychologists alike. The root of the issue is, more online gaming time often deprives children from their much-needed quota of face-to-face interactions with parents, siblings, friends and peers. So, what can parents and educators do about it? Lots, actually!

For example, if your kids are avid online gaming fans, why not buy Slime and start a group project (with family or classmates joining in) so that they can imitate and create their favorite characters from games like Terraria.

The King Slime character is a kid’s favorite. It is a large, slimy character that’s many magnitudes (15-times) larger than other characters – like Dungeon Slime. You can help your child easily replicate this amazing and popular character using your kid’s most-liked colors, be it green or blue. And you can even buy yellow slime to form the Slime Crown from the gaming app.

Sliming: There’s no better alternative!

Because of how the character slides, glides and bounces around on screen, and how it looks and behaves in the app, some parents might think to create it using edible gelatin. Alternatively, they might use polymer clay or cookie dough to give the finishing touches. But using custom slime to bring your kids cherished gaming character to life, is so much better. Here’s why:

  • Slime is so much easier to work with than other materials, like polymer dough or gelatin. In some instances, some brand of gelatin requires hot water to begin its formation process – and that’s not something you wish to expose your child to
  • If you use edible materials to create your Terraria Slime character, it’s vital that you pay attention to a child’s dietary restrictions – because your kid will likely be tempted to ingest the gelatin. If they have allergies to the gelatin’s ingredients, that may spell trouble. With King Slime created from the materials in a slime kit, there’s no such risk at all!
  • Finally, using products like gelatin or cookie dough is typically a once-and-done experience. The edible materials won’t last too long once they’re mixed and formed into the desired character. You may freeze what the child creates, but that too won’t last too long. Characters created from a slime kit don’t have that restriction – they’ll last for a long time

The great thing about using custom slime to bring your kid’s favorite online characters into 3D reality is that the slime can also be reconstituted and reused. Once they finally get enough playtime from sliming with the King, they can customize a new character. Everything they need will be right there in their slime kits.