Guide in choosing the best Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are one of the most popular accessories people have been wanting recently. silicone rings are designed for people dealing with heavy or risky jobs and are safe to wear. And if you are one of the people who are into fashion, do not hesitate to choose a silicone ring. As much as you want to show off your beautiful wedding band or engagement ring, you may be hesitant to wear it everywhere. This is where silicone rings come in, this invention takes the place of expensive rings to provide you peace of mind, regardless of what you’re doing. It’s a great option to avoid damage or theft in certain situations, such as attending a workout class or going on a beach vacation.

Understand what silicone rings are

Silicone rings are made from non-porous, non-conductive, and non-toxic medical silicone. It is a type of rubber that aside from being flexible, is also durable. These rings are becoming the perfect alternatives to metal rings due to the superb quality of silicone. This soft material is what lets silicone rings fit around your finger comfortably. Also, silicone rings come in a broad variety of sizes and colors compared with traditional rings. The top reason that makes silicone rings excel is their safety. Because silicone rings are affordable and comfortable, you don’t need to worry about damaging or bumping them from everyday exposure.

Know what to consider before buying a silicone ring


  • Quality is vital, the primary concern you need to have is. Medical-grade silicone is ideal and it will not irritate your skin, and is the best and will last longer. Also, an extra concern is to ensure there are no rough edges. Lower-quality rings will not be processed appropriately out of the molds which can leave sharp/ rough edges that will be uncomfortable and irritating.


  • Style is a preference yet it is recommended to look for a company that manufactures various styles thus you are not restricted to only one. You will find thick, thin, geometric, striped, and other styles along your silicone ring journey.


  • Sizing can differ from company to company, you need to ensure the company you choose with have sizing charts with measurements for each size. Even will be great if your company provides a free exchange program in case you order the incorrect size. Most silicone rings will stretch, thus look into a smaller size if needed.


  • Thickness is something that changes a lot in every company. If you are looking for a tough and rugged silicone ring, you may consider having something 3mm or thicker. These rings sustain well yet can have a more noticeable feel, while for everyday use, a thinner like 1-2mm are ideal for everyday use, they look great and has a barely feeling.