Know These Tricks If You Wish To Save Money on the Engagement Ring

The wedding business is a big one and not matter how high the costs are, it keeps booming. Weddings are a costly affair and people start saving for it from early in their lives. It is a great idea to save money at every step that you can, so that the burden on you is not that much.

There are many diamond engagement ring designs available in the market and all have different prices depending on the size, shape and quality. So, you can choose a ring that fits into your budget easily. There are some hacks that can help you in saving money on the engagement ring.

Here are the ways that will help you save dollars.

  • Light sizes: The prices of diamonds are determined through carat marks and the prices see a jump at quarter, half, and full carat increase. So, you should go for some carats less than your ideal carat choice. For example, a 0.96 carat stone will cost you considerably low than the 1.0 carat one.
  • Uncommon shape: When it comes to engagement rings, there are a few commonly preferred shape of the stone. People at large go for round, square, or rectangle rocks; their popularity makes them costlier than the other less famous shapes. There are many other shapes of diamonds available that look gorgeous and they also are different. By opting for a less popular shape like oval, you will save money. 
  • Wholesale shops: There are dealers that have diamonds for sale at wholesale price; these shops can turn out to be a blessing in your life. If you can locate dealers that offer diamonds at wholesale price in your vicinity, nothing like it. This is no rocket science that wholesale prices are lower, and will save you good amount of money.
  • Bargain skills: Yes, it is true. The profit margins on diamond rings are huge and if you polish your bargaining skills, you can pocket some awesome savings. You need to learn to convince the seller to give you the extra discount. 
  • Avoid famous chains: If you want to save money on engagement ring, you should avoid shopping at famous brands. These brands charge you higher than the local dealers. So, shopping from local shops will certainly be able to save you money.