Shining bright with my light up dog collar

I personally really like the winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer. I like going to the beach on hot days, I like barbecuing, and being able to stay outside until the sunsets. However, there is just something about the winter that makes me prefer it. While the days turn, darker, colder and wetter, my home starts to feel cozier. Suddenly, the streets are glowing a warm gold color, and everybody is nice and cozy in their homes. My dog, however, does not prefer the cold. Previous years, I always had to convince him to go for a walk. We now bought him some nice protective clothing such as a waterproof dog coat, and some warm dog shoes. However, since my dog is black, he can quickly become completely invisible. This is unsafe for my dog and for any pedestrian. That is why I decided on buying a light up dog collar. Luckily for me, it works perfectly. So let met tell you, from dog owner to dog owner, why you should also invest in a light up dog collar.

No more cheap plastic lights

The alternative to a dog collar that lights up itself is of course the plastic lights you can attach to the collar of your dog. However, these light are often impractical and break whenever your dog rolls over. You need a case full of them just to get trough one winter. That is why I bought a light up dog collar. This collar, as suggested by the name, lights up by its self. This means that I don’t have to attach a small light to its collar, which will break the moment we leave the house.

The benefits of a light up dog collar

One of the largest benefits, in my opinion, is that this dog collar is much stronger, sturdy and sustainable. However, there are more benefits. First of all, you don’t have to attach a light to your energetic dog each night. Also, this dog collar is much brighter than any of the lights you attach to the collar. This means that my dog is much more visible, which was the point of this after all. That why, I can comfortably let him off his leash, while knowing that he can’t suddenly jump-scare some poor pedestrian. One last benefit is that he looks really cool, but that may be besides the point. The point is that now my dog and I can both enjoy our walks together again.