The Necessary Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

When embarking on a kitchen cleaning crusade, you should be armed with all the necessary cleaning supplies to make your job easier and more efficient. The kitchen can be overwhelming when things get out of hand, and it can help divide the work and work on one piece at a time. To that end, it can also help to write a list of tasks and group them into those categories so that you have something to complete at the end of each task and have a sense of satisfaction as you complete them.

Let’s start with a daily task; Dirty plates. If you own a dishwasher, you must have quality dishwashing tablets on hand to ensure it does a good job cleaning up the burnt-on dirt. If you wash dishes by hand, your cleaning supplies should include rubber gloves, dishwashing liquid, a soft cloth, and a washcloth. One of the latest innovations in kitchen cleaners is the handled brush, a godsend when you don’t want to put on rubber gloves but want to remove accumulated food.

You may also need a bottle brush as part of your cleaning products to get into deep crevices. And, of course, you’ll need kitchen towels to finish the job. Below are the necessary cleaning products for various surfaces; countertops, cabinets, cabinet doors, drawers, and shelves. Remember to invest in a good product like spray and wipes with disinfectant properties as part of your cleaning supplies to ensure you kill bacteria when using them.

You will need different cleaning clothes for this job depending on your working surface. For example, you might want a more abrasive cloth for your hob overflow but a softer one for stainless steel surfaces. Microfiber cloths are also an excellent investment in your cleaning products and are great for cleaning stainless steel and glass surfaces without leaving streaks. Another source of germs and dirt is the kitchen trash can. Garbage bags should always be part of your cleaning products, and you should wipe the outside and inside of the bin with disinfectant to kill the germs inside.

Your oven can be difficult to attack; and not something that must be done with particular regularity. It’s essential to check your oven manufacturer’s manual, as some modern ovens don’t require the harsh chemical bombs of the past as their surfaces are more suitable for wiping down. You can also take preventive measures by placing drip trays below the baking area so that you only have to clean one component and not the entire oven.

At the end

There is your kitchen floor. After thoroughly sweeping with a broom, ensure that the cleaning products include a good disinfectant cleaning liquid that removes grease, and a mop is required for cleaning.