Things that you should know about halo engagement rings

The tradition of proposing or committing with an engagement right was widely popularized since ancient Rome. The engagement rings are important because they are the symbol of your or your partner’s commitment towards the eternity of your bond.

From the past few years, halo engagement rings have become extremely popular due to its availability in the varied price range.

In halo engagement ring design, a stone is circled by a round pave, creating an impressive sparkle and shine. Though halo engagement rings sound like a particular type, there are several variations and can be customized according to your wish. The band of the ring can be white, gold, or rose gold and the center stone is also shaped in round, oval, pear, square, or diamond. Here are a few of the varieties of halo engagement rings:

Split shank halo rings

This type of ring has a shimmery style that gives the diamond a more real estate accent. It adds shine for the girls who love glamour. In this style, the band of the ring splits into two as it comes towards the center stone. The top view looks like a diamond, supported by two thin bands. It’s the most popular and used style because of the capacity to catch attention towards the smaller stones.

Plain shank halo rings

If you are someone who loves classic rings, the plain shank is the ideal choice. The band that arcs the stone is plain and simple, giving must attention to the center stone.

Double halo rings

This is a gorgeous ring that can make your beloved even more dazzling. The setting of double halo rings costs more than the single rings but less than a single large stone at the center. The single diamond of the ring can make it look half-carat more, so can be an ideal choice if you are looking for something that increases the appearance of the whole carat.

Pave halo rings

Although plain shank is loved by many, the pave rings are now becoming current favorites. There is a gorgeous stone in the middle, with some extra diamonds down the shank of the ring. It is an intermediate between timeless elegance and extra sparkle.

Also if you want to gift some other jewelry as a symbol of love and commitment tennis bracelets can be the right choice.

What are tennis bracelets?

Wondering “what are tennis bracelet?” It  is a piece of fine bracelet exudes elegance due to the presence of small white diamonds that have simplicity within itself.

The simplest form is made up of a line of diamond of similar shape, color, size that is set side by side to make a complete flexible bracelet.

However, there are a lot more than just the usual bracelets. The varieties of bracelets available depending on the shape, size, cuts, and setting are:

Prong Setting

In the prong setting, the metal that holds the stone set up stands out on each of the four sides, similar to that of a jewel ring. This setting flaunts the brightness of the jewel.

Channel Setting

A channel setting comprises two columns of slender metal on either side, with the stones down the center, similar to a channel of water. This makes the gemstones sit in a consistent line directly close to one another.

Bezel and Half Bezel Setting

Bezel settings look like a watch head. Every gemstone is encircled by a metal setting, much like that of a watch. Whereas half bezel is the place where each stone is gotten a handle on 2 sides of the stone and held to the band.

How to choose the right jewelry?

So if you are planning the right accessory you might feel it very confusing.

To make it stress-free, know what she loves and feel good about the choices. A ring or bracelet can add charms to your special day so be careful in choosing as you have no shortage of options. Stick to her choices to make the process easy and simple.