Three Options for Buying Marine Decking

Whether you are considering any residential or commercial project, searching for right kind of decking material, you need to make little more effort. Keep in mind that no single solution is available that can be “one-kind-fits-all” solution in case of dock decking.

Mostly people keep two things in their mind while searching – the first is their available budget and next is how much maintenance and upkeep will be needed over a period of time.

No matter what are your various priorities, the fact remains that there can be plenty of choices out there. However, all of them claiming their item as the best, and hence it becomes difficult to decide one that is the best option for your project.

In order to make your choice simple in this post we have come up with 3 best decking choices so that you may choose your decking material. Following three options for decking materials are quite different and hence may fit in wide range of applications and also a solution for your specific needs.

  • Pressure treated wood

Pressure treated pilings wood can be a traditional choice and also a cost-effective decking material and provide a decent and classical look. Following are the main features:

  • It is easier to work with such woods
  • For increasing its life little maintenance will be needed
  • All pressure treated wood may not be the same
  • It will be strong and reliable decking material

If you are interested to complete your project within budget constrains then this option can be preferred.

  • Composite wood

Composite wood also can be a great option as a decking material if you are not over stretched due to budget constraints. Following are the features:

  • Available in number of colors and hence you can match your color with the surroundings.
  • Colors is fade resistant and does not need any staining/sealing throughout its life.
  • You will also get warranty from the supplier though length of warranty between commercial and residential property may differ.
  • Modified wood

Such modified wood is an ultimate choice for marine decking which is eco-friendly choice with real wood like appearance. You will not need any kind of staining/sealing like pressure treated wood.

However, you need to remember that it can cost you more than both of the above options.

Having seen all the three options available, now it becomes much easier for you to choose the right decking material for your project.