Tips when Buying Cat Collars, Feeding Bowls, and Toys

As parents to your cute cats, you probably enjoy purchasing cat accessories for them. But, you need to ensure you get the safest items. Pet shops have a lot of pet accessories in all designs, colours, and sizes; however, not all products are made equal. A number of cat collars and toys may not be safe for your kitty and must be avoided.

Here are tips to help you purchase the safest cat collars, bowls, and toys for your cat.

Buying Cat Collars

Cat collars come with tags to identify your cat. Often, the tags have the name of the cat, phone number, and address of the pet owner. Also, extra tags can be added to the collar to inform others about your cat’s rabies shots. Cat collars are available in various colors and designs. In fact, they may also have safety features such as reflective colors to make it easier for other people to see your pet outdoors at night. When purchasing a collar for your cat, pick one that fits them.

Cat Bowls

Deciding how to present food to your cat is usually challenging. The kind of cat feeding bowls or dishes you pick can make the difference in the eating habits and health of your fur friend. When buying feeding bowls for your cat, stay away from plastic bowls as bacteria and oil will build up in the scratches of the plastic material and cause your cat acne. Also, choose a bowl that is fairly shallow and wide.

Cat Toys

Toys are important accessories that will help in keeping your cat active and healthy. Cats tend to love to chase a remote control mouse or roll a small ball around. However, you need to be careful when buying a cat toy as some of them may not be safe. When you purchase a toy for your cat, check if there are any small parts that may fall off over time and be easily swallowed. If you buy a toy with these parts, remove them before you let your cat play with the toy.

Moreover, consider the durability of the toy when making a purchase for your feline. For sure, you don’t want to buy a toy only to have it destroyed within just a few days. You need to buy a safe toy and one that can withstand your pet’s playing that includes pulling, biting, and moving the toy around your home.