Top Suggestions For Buying And Using Windows 10 Pro Key!

Having a ‘key’ for software and OS downloads is not a new practice. Microsoft has been following the norm for a while now, and if you are now considering an upgrade to Windows 10, you will need the key. Windows 10 has three basic editions – Home, Professional, and Enterprise. When Microsoft first launched Windows 10, users with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 had the choice of free upgrade, but not anymore. To use Windows 10 Pro, you will need a key. In this post, we are discussing everything you must know about Windows 10 Pro key and buying one for personal and office use.

What exactly is the Windows 10 Pro key?

Think of the Windows 10 key as a license to use the full version of Windows. The Pro key will work for the Professional version only, and Microsoft uses such a concept to ensure that the product remains valid or is used for a single computer. Product keys are standard to many software downloads. Previously, both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 have been slammed by users for the complicated interface. Windows 10 takes the bar higher and has been praised for the right reasons. The product key offers access to the version of Windows you are using, and in this case, that’s Professional.

Where to buy?

There are many websites and services that sell product keys for Windows, so you can check online. Typically, when you pay for the key, it will be sent you on email. You can furthermore register with Microsoft with your email address for verification and authentication. If you are using an older version of Windows, you will need to install Windows 10 first to use to the product. Each product key can be used only once, and it must be used for the version of the Windows as intended.

Final word

It is possible to buy product keys for Home and Pro versions online from third-party vendors, and if the price seems cheaper, that’s because the vendor probably tied up with suppliers and has been sourcing product keys at a bulk price. Typically, you will get the key immediately after making the payment, and you can use it right away. Make sure that the seller you choose is a known one, and don’t shy away from verifying their credentials. The product key is critical for using Windows 10 in its full glory, and the Professional version just works better, especially for business needs.