Understand What to Consider While Buying Pure Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil and concentrates can be consumed in different ways like puffing on a vape pen or sprinkling wax in a bowl for extra potency or use a dab rig. There are many brands to look into but the challenging part is locating high-quality THC oil in the ocean of options.

Understand what goes in buying pure cannabis oil

When cannabis oil gets extracted there is a need to consider several things –

The premium quality starting material

Marijuana and hemp loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes produce premium cannabis products. When the source material is evaluated the things considered are –

  • The genetic quality of strains
  • Starting materials freshness
  • Part it got extracted from
  • After harvest handling of the cannabis

The extracts will consolidate the strain’s great qualities if care is taken in choosing the starting material. Even if the genetics are superb, a single negative contaminant or characteristic of the plant can get amplifies in the end product. So, make sure to choose high quality and clean cannabis flowers.

What is a good extraction practice?

The strain’s chemical profile gets preserved if the extraction practice is proper. You get a flavorful and potent duplication that highlights the delicate nuances hidden in a flower form. In case, the extraction process is not fine-tuned, the chance of end-product including some defects in the form of contamination, lackluster flavor, or other imperfections can cause negative experience.

What is proper post-processing?

A wrong cure can hamper the prosperous cannabis harvest and you can say the same for post-processing of cannabis concentrates. Post-processing is a procedure conducted after the initial extraction of cannabis oils. Besides other refining processes, it includes drying, storing, purging, and distilling specific cannabinoids.

What are the visual cues of premium quality cannabis oil?

Visual appearance can reveal defects like dirt, dust, and hair. The majority of extractors are careful on how the end-products are packed and inspected visually for contaminants. Appearance even gives an idea of oil composition and consistency.

Consistency helps you get an idea of how the oil will be like in applying and dabbing. It even suggests the oil’s chemical profile. For example, oils like sauce feature low viscosity because of their high terpene level. Solid concentrates feature high cannabinoid levels because of THCA molecules cluster together and create a solid form.

What does the cannabis packaging prompt?

Look beyond the beautiful packaging because the real product is inside. The labels tell you –

  • The farm that harvested the source material of the oil
  • The extraction method applied
  • Strain details like original breeder and lineage
  • Concentrates chemical profile
  • Potency analysis like THC level, terpene profile, total cannabinoids, and more

The labels give buyers an idea about the effects, taste, and experience they can expect!