During the first hours following the operation of myopia in LASIK with kraff eye institute for example, it is imperative to avoid all friction of the eyelids because a displacement of the corneal flap is possible. Beyond the 48th hour following LASIK myopia surgery, this risk becomes almost zero, but it is more prudent to avoid strong friction. Make-up is also to be avoided during the first week for the same reasons.

Bathing in the sea or a swimming pool is also prohibited for at least 15 days after refractive surgery due to the risk of local infection. Intensive sun exposure requires eye protection with sunglasses due to the potential toxicity of ultraviolet radiation.

In A Laser Myopia Operation On Both Eyes, Should Both Eyes Be Operated On The Same Day?

It is not an obligation, but the operation of icl eye surgery or both eyes on the same day in laser LASIK has now become the usual operating mode. Nearly 15 years of LASIK experience have shown this procedure to be safe and reproducible. It is beneficial for the patient to undergo a single operative stress and a single operative and postoperative appointment. Of course, if it is a request from the patient, a two-stage surgery is always possible for laser myopia operations, whether the LASIK laser or the PKR-type surface laser.

Is LASIK Myopia Surgery Contraindicated After 45 Years?

No, myopia surgery is not contraindicated after age 45, but its issues must be well understood. It is imperative to understand that if myopia surgery remains just as effective as at 25 or 35 years old, near vision correction may quickly become necessary. In a 50-year-old myope who wears lenses, these near-vision glasses are generally already present, and it is easy to understand that we will still normalize distance vision without lenses. In addition, in some cases, it is possible to combine the myopia operation with technical choices that also take presbyopia into account.

How Long After Myopia Surgery Does Vision Stabilize? If A Touch-Up Is Needed, How Long Should I Wait?

After myopia surgery by LASIK laser, recovery is immediate and stabilization very rapid, even if qualitative and transient vision disorders are possible during the first months following myopia surgery: glare, decrease in contrast. A possible under-correction is measurable after a few days and can be immediately corrected, if necessary, by a touch-up. This eventuality concerns, in refractive surgery, less than 5% of the operated eyes and is more readily encountered in high myopia.